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Lenten Study on Learning Forgiveness

In this five-session study, which began last week, we’ll consider the various aspects of forgiveness, a concept perhaps more central to Christianity than to any other religion. Our faith is marked by the invitation to receive forgiveness, as well as the imperative to offer forgiveness. Yet Christians differ widely in their interpretations of how forgiveness should be practiced. Some urge forgiveness as a Christian duty under all circumstances, while others argue that certain conditions must be met before forgiveness can be meaningful or effective. How do we sort through such competing claims and interpretations? And how do we get past some of our emotional barriers to real forgiveness? These are the kinds of the questions we will explore together in this study of a theme particularly well-suited to the season of Lent, but fit for any season of our lives. David Napier and Karen Akin will teach this class together. Room 65/66.  The class will meet on Sundays in March.