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2nd Pres


Sermon Roundtable Resumes, Monday, September 14 at Noon in the Library:

In this unique form of Bible study, participants will study the Bible by reflecting on the biblical text that is being preached in worship the following Sunday. Steve Hancock leads the discussion, and each week provides background material about the historical context of the passage, definitions of key words, authorship, and other information that will be helpful in interpreting the text. The class will then be invited to interact with the author of the text, discuss such questions as, “What does the author seem to be saying?” and “What do I want to say in response?” Class members are asked to identify important ideas or themes that are prominent as they reflect on the biblical text in relation to their own lives, the church, and the world around them. The following Sunday in worship, they have the opportunity to hear the sermon preached that they helped to create.