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Second Readers, Jan. 18

Second Readers
Wednesday, January 18, 3:00 p.m.
Room 60

The Moon Is Down, John Steinbeck’s short propaganda novel, was published in 1942. Although it created controversy among American critics, it found a receptive audience in the countries of Western Europe under Nazi occupation. Banned by the Nazis, the mere possession of the book meant an automatic death sentence in some areas. However, the book was secretly translated and published in many countries. There have been 92 editions around the world.

The novel is set in a small North European town under military occupation of an unnamed nation’s army (much like the German occupation of Norway). The realities of occupation are revealed by the reactions of the “Invaders” and the “Townspeople.”

Judged by artistic standards The Moon Is Down is not one of Steinbeck’s best novels, but few literary works of our time have spoken to people of so many different countries and cultures reaffirming the basic principles of democracy—“the worth of the individual and the power deriving from free citizens sharing common commitments.”

Visitors are welcome.

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