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2nd Pres


Adult Sunday School Series “Jesus Take the Wheel: Theological Implications in Country Music” Jun. 4-18

Many musical genres contain religious overtones, and country music is no exception. While country music stations can be found throughout the nation and are enjoyed by people in diverse social locations, the focus and themes of many songs revolve around the experience of those living in rural, white, working class America. What type of theology do these songs articulate? What impact does it have on communities that hear them? What similarities and differences do these views have with traditional Presbyterian theology? Beginning Sunday, June 4, Rev. Lindy Vogado will lead a three-week study in Second Hall, examining the ways that country music articulates a theological understanding of vocation/identity, incarnation/the holy spirit, and justification/sanctification. Amazing and cringe-worthy songs will be presented for your consideration and discussion. We hope to see you there!