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Summer Reading Series

The Adult Education Ministry is once again offering a series of opportunities for folks who love to read (and talk about what they read) to “gather” for literary discussions over the summer. Members of the ministry have made book selections and look forward to leading these Sunday afternoon discussions. The final meeting will be a hybrid gathering. We will meet in Second Hall and a Zoom link will be available for those who wish to participate virtually.

August 15, 3:00 p.m.
Godric by Frederick Buechner
Discussion Leader: Vernon Markham
Join us on a fantastical journey in the ancient world of Anglo-Saxon England as we experience the coming of age of the medieval Roman Catholic saint, Godric of Finchale. Set in the twelfth century Godric is a semi-fictionalized tale published in 1980 by American author and theologian Frederick Buechner, for which he was a finalist for the 1981 Pulitzer Prize. This novel reengages in several substantial themes such as sin, the search for identity, faith, and the supernatural, with an investigation of death and ageing at the forefront. Ho doubt you will find yourself somewhere in Godric’s observations and gain insight into Buechner’s own life journey.