Youth Musical

About Second Presbyterian Musicals

Members of Second Presbyterian Youth (SPY) have been producing an annual Broadway musical since 1982. There have been many directors, musicians and energetic youth, but the reasons we present a musical of this magnitude remain largely the same. Because of its history, the musical is a natural draw for youth from our church and the community. Each production features students from public, private and parochial high schools and middle schools across Central Arkansas. Each member of the cast and crew brings his or her own perspective, talents, and creative ideas for making the production unique. It is truly a team effort.

Young people gather with adult volunteers for rehearsals and work days and, along the way, gain new friends, new skills and pride in their work. They become part of a caring, Christian community with a common goal. The adult leaders enjoy teaching our youth about Broadway musicals. The youth teach the adults about lots of things. Together, they learn and inspire one another with an appreciation of musical history, carpentry and painting skills, dance, drama and music. Self-esteem, confidence, spirituality, leadership and friendships are built through fellowship, hard work, and a team effort. Memories are made that will last a lifetime.

We are proud of Second Presbyterian Church’s support of this exciting dimension of youth ministry. We’re always looking for new adult and youth members of the SPY Musical family. Contact the church office, (501) 227-0000 for information about how you can get involved.